Relics of a bygone era

I love 88x31 banners! Like, really love 88x31 banners. So here's an archive of my favorites!
(I know there are some that aren't quite 88x31, but they're close enough for me!)

Note: I know these things spread across Neocities like wildfire anonymously, but I ever snag a button you made (or if you just happen to know who made one) let me know and I'll credit and link back! Or if you'd prefer I remove it, I'll do so!

Krystalixa & Such

These were from my old graphics and adoptables site, Krystalixa, as well as a topsites list I used to manage.

(Plus one honorable mention.)

Starbits Pets

Banners from Starbits Pets and its various fansites and groups, most of which were Krystalixa affiliates.





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