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Commence Vtuberification

September 8, 2021

Whew, Artfight did NOT happen, did it. Sorry about that. Moving on though!

You may have noticed a few updates here and there. A new icon, updated about me page, et cetera.

Long story short, I'm switching things up a bit with a new online avatar/persona! My old one was just a toon version of me, and recently I started thinking 'isn't that a bit boring? Maybe I should do something silly and fun.' The opportunity arose when I noticed a lot of my vocalsynth fandom friends creating ENVtuber avatars. I was reluctant to the idea at first (no I'm not gonna make a new character, my Aiko vroid model is fine!) But, well, here we are.

It seems a lot of Vtubers have a specific gimmick, aesthetic or specialty, and all I had decided going into this is "objectheads are cool, let's do that." So I lopped off my head and replaced it with an iMac G3, as one does. I've been ruminating a lot lately on the internet of my youth — a place of oekakis, fan shrines, AIM and the like — so I thought a metaphorical interpretation of that would be appropriate for my vtuber persona.

I'll be primarily streaming art, vocalsynth music making and games as I did before, but I would like to maybe sprinkle in a bit of early net culture nostalgia here and there. Perhaps streams exploring virtual pet sites, old forums, net shrines, the Wayback Machine and Geocities/Neocities stuff! We'll see though.

I still have to work out a good schedule, one that lets me not bug my roommate too much, but for now you can expect to see me stream Sundays at noon-ish EST!