I'm a notorious Neocities Activity page browser and frequently add sites to this page that I find interesting or whose webmasters share fandoms/interests of my own! If you ever wish to swap buttons, just let me know! I'm a bit shy about asking to affiliate but I do check on occasion to see if people have added me back.

Friends' Sites

LoveShock Stella-Azurea Jonniecore The AGL Group Portfiend

Neocities Affiliates

isa is sleeping Twilight Pentagram NE0Nbandit Street Hotline Cafe Inkposting Taximals Time Travelling Birb Cinnamuff BechnoKid Mars Organs MyBlace Colrana Enflicted The Absolute Realm Museum of Alexandra Cepheus Diluculo Worm's World The 64th Sanctum Adilene HollyBlue PKLucky's Lounge Feign LHFM Sukiyaki City Teddiursa SuperStarmations MetaParadox 7Nonsense BMH Nightmare Fantasmic Lukovrurshldr Pleurodelinae Nothing Special

Neocities I Follow

mikufan3939 Konfetti Astra's Observatory KotatsuMe Audball Fretnoize SoftMoon Skelenby KitMeow Swifty's HQ Zoechrome Zelkova Zeke's World Xenonical Wyrm Tunnel WarpZone Vertpush VenusianBabie TopHatCats Theran RuneGod Splatfest Spirit Cellar SleepySprout Scripted RXQueen RuneGod RoboPhobia The Reading Project Punchy PlasticDino meel's infinite art project Nyaa Nuange novaweb Autumns Grace Logical Willow Sense Not Sense Azoart Nexus Nostalgic nine moonbeams ninacti0n synths Neoratz Neonriser Nancy's Dollhouse NACHTKERN The Radical Lair Melody HotSprings Moo Like A Goat Mika Orange's Funny Page Melody HotSprings MayFrogs Machine Cat Loves1ck Celestial Delirium Leusyth's Webspace Kyomaku Kuma Click KromerCoin Harbor HimenoLover Heart-Soda Future Perfect Fizzsea FairyTrash EggRamen EggDev DShifter's Place ExpectatioNemesis CementGarden This Is Nice Site BeanBottle BCTV Artwork ArmonicNoise The Corner Of Dreams AllyRat World Utsushimi Koinuko Lavender-Black SquidKnees MxsinClaire Vencake Mirages Voskhod Art Undoified Key's Klubhouse Repth RoseDryad Shnizkeria Sadgirl Online GalatixStar Menmy Vastrecs KidWithTheChemicalz Dewside Ponymercy Gallifrey Gatosalchicha Cinni Shishka Korsse Space Hareryuu Exo Pet SandyPlanetz Qixzy CyberSparkle CyberPrimmie An Empty Bliss Vintage Fursuits Archive Casper's Funzone Xerophyte Your Creative Blog

Outside Affiliates

Portfiend Aestharis Moonstar

Directories & Oldweb

Districts, a Neocities directory Neo Neighborhoods, a Neocities directory The YesterWeb OpenBooks, a directory for Neocities projects


Stella-Azurea UTAU UtaForum Engloids.Info Studio VOXYZ Myriad, a Vocaloid production circle MikuMiku

Pam and Pamyu's UTAU site Amano Naoki's UTAU site Sanshoku Ayaka & Reika's UTAU site

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Misc. Fandom

Lupin III Club Forums Topaz Comics Paper Star Studios Caseatrix, an adoptables and Starbits Pets fansite Serebii, a Pokemon fansite Massivoon, a Buzzwole Pokemon shrine Nose Club Kirby's Dream Site

My Sites

Under construction.

In Memoriam

Sites that have been left blank, either dead or in limbo for edits.

Hiraeth Auspicious Voice Seraph Sanctum Iosion Melodicake RatWorld Nekomy LividDreams



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