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Basic Info

  • Type: objecthead
  • Race: dullahan (fae)
  • Age: unknown


A dullahan who lost track of her severed head many years ago, and replaced it with a vintage computer of dubious origin. She enjoys stealing people's voices as a hobby.

Physical Notes

The hole where her neck is appears to lead to a space-like nebulous void. This can also be seen glowing faintly within the translucent plastic of her computer casing.

I am a very casual variety streamer and Twitch Affiliate! My favorite things to stream are Nintendo games, vocalsynth tuning and drawing.



( "mist sapphire" | mɪst sæfa͡ɪɚɪ )

she / they · 31 · TN, USA · INFP · ADHD · asexual pride flag icon


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