Gonna be a big year for Aiko (15th ANNIVERSARY OH MY GOD)

An Aiko and Miku button design I made to hand out at Miku Expo Atlanta! My piece for the UTAU Coloring book zine! My Lupin III Secret Santa piece for ceregret on Twitter!

Aiming to draw even more this year! Especially for the DnD campaign I'm in!

My Lupin III Club Advent Calendar piece for the 21st! A brief comic of fisherman Zenigata and farmer Lupin, based on their Hamanaka Town designs. Parody drawing of Inspector Zenigata in his fisherman outfit from the Hamanaka Town promotional art, as a screenshot of the motivational Japanese fisherman video. Commissioned video art for Koda-P's electroswing remix of Alice of Human Sacrifice. Illustration of Solaria and Asterian drawn for nostraightanswer's Digital Stars set. Various cryptids and yokai drawn as 1-inch button designs. A sticker design featuring Zenigata and Lupin tangled together by Zenigata's rope cuff. Digital pencil sketches of Inspector Zenigata. iMyst doodle for ConnectiCon booth. Artfight friendly fire on UntramenTaro of her OC, Margaret! Artfight revenge on Cz of their vtuber sona! Artfight revenge for ammamanagucci of her UTAU, Koe! Artfight revenge for TianaKoopa of her koopaling OC, Amelia! Artfight revenge for LunaOctopi of their OC, Atlas! A couple of art trading cards done in ink and alcohol marker. The one on the left features Kikyuune Aiko, and the one on the right features a fake Pokemon card of my DnD character Dima. A meme of Yuki from Powerful Wind, All Back based on the It Fucken Wimdy meme from Tumblr. A 2D digital animation of Zenigata yelling LUPIN!! Illustration of a goblin shark about to eat a fish for the 2023 Swim On shark charity zine. Monochrome pinkish red drawing of Kasane Teto, done for a glitter mini print. Silly Scooby-Doo inspired drawing of Lupin holding Zenigata that I'll be turning into an acrylic standee! Social media icon and round pog-shaped business card design of my iMyst monitorhead sona. Digital pencil drawing of vampire Zenigata, based on a scene from a pachislot machine. Luzeni commission for pdamndiabolical on Twitter! A fan macloid design for Kikyuune Aiko! A luzeni pen doodle as a gift for hahanoey on Twitter. My kensei monk gatorborn character Dima Kavrakol, from an ongoing DnD campaign. Luzeni buttons designed for my Ko-Fi store, in multiple color scemes. Zenigata shitpost doodle from a Lupin-themed DnD campaign. Preview of my piece for the Between Heists zine cover collage, featuring Goemon on Splash Mountain.

Decided to draw more stuff for myself / for fun this year. Also started properly learning Procreate! Also also oops I got really into Lupin III.

Drawn for Agudoodles as part of the 2022 Lupin Secret Santa exchange! Doodle comic suggested by Radakias, my roommate! Some little vocalsynth portraits for button designs! Kofi bust commission for Squid/David! Kofi bust commission for Asteriski! Kofi bust commission for Kaliranya on Mastodon! Kofi bust commission for KS72 on Twitter! Kofi bust commission for Alia! Preview of my illustration for the Between Heists Lupin Zine! An illustration for the Lupin's Gourmet World recipe zine! A redraw of a page from the Lupin the Third Y manga. My pngtuber persona being overtaken by the Lupin virus from Part 5. A whale shark I drew for Jey Pawlik's Swim On zine! Zenigata eating Hatsune Miku blue colored ramen, disappointedly. Zenigata and Lupin drawn as character-face novelty popsicles with gumball eyes. A doodle bust of Yata. A doodle bust of Fujiko. A doodle bust of Goemon. A doodle bust of Jigen. A doodle bust of Lupin. A doodle bust of Zenigata. Kikyuune Aiko's 2022 official art. A side-view bust of my tiefling character, Felix, for a one-shot DnD session. A couple of busts of Pycal and Kyosuke Mamou from Lupin III, done in ink and alcohol marker. A Luzeni redraw of a meme comic. My 2-page comic for the Luzeni Zine. A commission for the Vtuber Ezreka. A commission for VocaMew for his streaming schedules, featuring the VOCALOID characters Zhiyu Moke and Mew. A doodle of Miraidon I did on the day of the 2nd Scarlet and Violet trailer drop. Another doodle of Lupin and Zenigata for LuZeni Friday on Twitter. Lupin is hiding behind Zenigata and snatching his lit cigarette from his hand, Zenigata is startled and angry. A SOLARIA drawn for the album cover of a compilation album. A screencap redraw of Jigen and Lupin from the TV special From Siberia With Love. They are collapsed on the ground in a spotlight, with Lupin clinging dramatically to Jigen. A doodle of Lupin and Zenigata for LuZeni Friday on Twitter. Lupin has a coy expression and a finger under Zenigata's chin, Zenigata is blushing and tilting his hat brim downward. Buttons I designed for the Avannaversary album! A commission for Atlas for his Matryoshka cover featuring NAKUMO and Natsume Yuuri. A potential acrylic standee design of Inspector Zenigata, featuring Part2 and Part3 colors.

I switched to using Clip Studio for iPad this year!

Chibi vocalsynth characters drawn for small throw pillows and stickers. Sketch ref of my pngtuber persona. Icon bust of my pngtuber persona.

Not much new stuff happened here, but I did participate in ArtFight for the first time (and only squeaked in 3 pics total) and I got to try the Colors Live beta for Switch! Also upgraded to an iPad Pro 2020, but that didn't change much.

I really got into merchmaking this year, and participated in a bunch of zine/album projects that I had a lot of fun with! No tool or software changes.

I admittedly had a bit of a slump here, despite it being the year I got my first screen tablet (iPad Pro 2018). All of this was drawn using Medibang Paint for iPad! I do think that this year marks some of my biggest jumps in improvement in my linework.

One of my last busy art years. I don't know if I'll get back to this level of production, but I'd like to try! Exclusively used a small Intuos Pen & Touch for digital works. About midway through the year I settled on the cell coloring style I still use for most of my art, and I participated in my first zine!

This is a grab bag of my favorites from prior to 2017. I used to do art for virtual pet sites, and I had a REALLY intense Doctor Who phase while in undergrad! I started digital art with Photoshop, moved onto SAI, then FireAlpaca and finally Medibang Paint Pro.



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