A collection of my art from over the years! Click the thumbnails to view full size and a description of each item. All art posted in order of creation from newest to oldest!

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I switched to using Clip Studio for iPad this year!


Not much new stuff happened here, but I did participate in ArtFight for the first time (and only squeaked in 3 pics total) and I got to try the Colors Live beta for Switch! Also upgraded to an iPad Pro 2020, but that didn't change much.


I really got into merchmaking this year, and participated in a bunch of zine/album projects that I had a lot of fun with! No tool or software changes.


I admittedly had a bit of a slump here, despite it being the year I got my first screen tablet (iPad Pro 2018). All of this was drawn using Medibang Paint for iPad! I do think that this year marks some of my biggest jumps in improvement in my linework.


One of my last busy art years. I don't know if I'll get back to this level of production, but I'd like to try! Exclusively used a small Intuos Pen & Touch for digital works. About midway through the year I settled on the cell coloring style I still use for most of my art, and I participated in my first zine!

Earlier (2016 - 2008)

This is a grab bag of my favorites from prior to 2017. Each is marked with the year it was done in the description on the lightbox popup. I used to do art for virtual pet sites, and I had a REALLY intese Doctor Who phase while in college! I started digital art with Photoshop, moved onto SAI, then FireAlpaca and finally Medibang Paint Pro.



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